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  • Capitalise your business in a compliant way
  • Get exposed to global crypto investor base
  • Offer your investors a P2P liquidity option

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If you want to fundraise

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  • Access high growth investment projects
  • Put your EUR, BTC or ETH to use in a compliant way
  • Get secondary market liquidity on demand

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Crypto crowdfunding made easy & compliant

Become a token issuer for your great, big idea. Launch your security or utility token and ensure your investor KYC/AML compliance with a sound infrastructure for your crowdfunding campaign. Simplify investor relations with Fintelum smart contracts, custodian solutions and transfer agency. From initial issuance to subsequent crowdfunding rounds, communications, dividends, liquidity and corporate actions, Fintelum will run your race, while you run your business.

  • KYC/AML compliance
  • Token transfer agency
  • Utility & security tokens
  • Secondary P2P trading
  • Debt & equity tokens
  • Marketing advisory

Access tokenised assets

Participate in the tech of tomorrow as investor looking to access high-growth potential projects. Invest in compliance with laws in primary issuance of security or utility tokens launched with the help of Fintelum.

P2P trade desk

Trade tokenised assets

Instantly access peer-to-peer liquidity for your tokens both as an issuer as well as investor on Fintelum’s over-the-counter (OTC) desk. Fintelum security token offering (STO) implementation ensures compliance with regional laws for investor protection.

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  • You run your business while we run your race