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Our history starts in 2008, when we worked in fund management and automated trading, managing two proprietary hedge funds and trading around the globe in exchange listed products in spot and derivatives, spanning the globe from the USA to mainland China.


In the year 2011, the idea about working with and around Bitcoin was conceived. Getting our own first bitcoin wallets and attending some of the first conferences on Bitcoin in London, we got intrigued that this may turn out to be the long awaited revolution in the whole financial industry.


Years later, in 2014 the legacy of failed Bitcoin exchanges provided the impetus for building our own crypto currency exchange. It became obvious to us that if the revolution of Bitcoin was to be sustained, the industry needed to mature. Our contribution to the overall bettering of the industry was to build a technologically advanced and reliable marketplace with an emphasis on institutional clients.


As traders ourselves, we wanted to bring our experience to crypto industry by building a crypto currency exchange that reflected our vision of how an exchange should work, in terms of connectivity, matching, settlement and reporting. In 2017 we successfully launched the trading, obtained an e-money license for the exchange and in 2018 closed a landmark ICO to scale the exchange to list spot and derivative commodities, with a physical delivery denominated in cryptocurrencies.


Following the successful fundraise, the founding team were forced out of their crypto currency exchange venture. The success of the crypto crowdfunding raised questions from other projects as to what an ICO or crypto crowdfunding is, and what companies/projects can qualify.

The team, which thus far had been together for a decade, and supported by other team members and a wider crypto investment community, decided to setup Fintelum to provide services that are useful to the crypto industry participants.


The first product to market is a crypto crowdfunding or token issuance platform. It is catering to utility or security token issuance projects. Fintelum provides compliance and blockchain solutions, by organising a comprehensive platform to tokenise your assets.

We are in the meantime working on an open source web-based cryptocurrency wallet and striving to provide a seamless token trading experience to our clients.

Our mission is to advance the crypto currency industry globally. Today, that means to build and thus promote the tokenisation movement and technology around it. We presently catering to utility or security token issuance projects by organising a comprehensive platform to tokenise your assets.

At Fintelum we have built a primary token issuance and secondary market platform with the focus on compliance and technology. From compliant token launch to transfer agency and secondary peer-to-peer market, Fintelum will continuously provide blockchain based corporate action services for security or utility token issuers.


We believe that tokenisation of assets, is the next step in evolution of capital markets and will be an essential part of fundraising and better access to secondary markets.

Our mission is to help great ideas flourish. And to provide investors with a seamless experience.

You can fundraise-for, on invest-in high potential projects of tomorrow. You can also white-label our products and develop your ideas directly with us.


Liza Aizupiete

Managing Director

Arvis Ermins

Legal and Compliance Director

Maris Kaneps

Director and the Head of IT
Jekabs V
Project manager
Java developer
Front-End Developer
System administrator
Java and solidity developer
Jēkabs M
Full stack developer