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Get behind the tech of tomorrow in 4 easy steps


Provide your basic information and you can proceed to choosing your project.

Choose your project

From a list of vetted projects, select ones that you find exciting and profitable to invest in. Provide your KYC/AML compliance information once and re-use it for all other investment projects. Once you are whitelisted as an investor, you can proceed to investing securely.

Trade or exit your projects

Sell your tokens, or acquire new ones with the help of Fintelum P2P trading desk. If the issuer has opted for secondary market, the tokens are offered on the P2P trading desk, and you can post your interest to sell or buy more of the listed tokens.

Monitor your portfolio

Follow your portfolio on Fintelum Investor Profile. You can access reports on your investment history. If a project has affiliate program, you can enrol directly from your profile and profit further from each project offering.

Interested in token investments?


Tokenise your assets in 5 easy steps

Start by assessing what you wish to tokenise

Is it a company, fund - an equity instrument?

Is it a promise, corporate bond - a debt instrument?

Or even a piece of stuff - like a house or boat, jet plane?

In essence, what is your token type?


Check if you have any of the following:

Proof of concept
Existing business
Paying clients
Minimum viable product

If you score at least 2 out of 6, you have what it takes to start setting targets for your enterprise future

Choose the appropriate jurisdiction for your project and your participants

Where are you based?

Where will your community and investors come from?

Plan for an effective communication

Is your project local or global?

How will you reach out to your community?

Fintelum will do the rest

  • KYC/AML compliance
  • Crypto custody & escrow
  • Security & utility tokens
  • Token transfer agency
  • Secondary P2P trading
  • STO implementation

You run your business, while we run your race

Ready to tokenise?

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