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We tokenise your assets, develop and support your utility or security token.

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Fintelum is a European equity crowdfunding platform for investments in high growth companies sourced in Latvia and Europe. To reach a truly global retail investor audience investors are able to allocate euros or cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin or ether.

In order to facilitate not only the primary issuance but also secondary market, Fintelum provides a service called tokenisation. The agreement between the issuer and investor is represented by a cryptographic token or smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. For utility tokens, we use the standard EIP-20 (ERC-20). And for security tokens we use Fintelum Security Token Implementation Standard.

Fintelum is foremost a technological issuance platform with integrated AML/KYC compliance and aftermarket transfer agency and secondary token OTC desk functions as well as ongoing corporate action services.

We believe that tokenisation of assets, ICOs and STOs are the next step in evolution of capital markets and will be an essential part of fundraising.
Our mission is to provide compliant token sale with comprehensive solution for a seamless experience for both the token issuers as well as the token sale participants.

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